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  • Dating a Nerdy man: 15 main reasons why Nerds Make Great Boyfriends! – the woman Norm

Dating a Nerdy man: 15 main reasons why Nerds Make Great Boyfriends! – the woman Norm

Newsflash – nerds tend to be cool! You simply need contemplate Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, or Elon Musk to have the photo. This business weren’t rushing across the soccer pitch bringing in attention from adoring cheerleaders.

These people were the people in the university library swotting to successfully pass their particular then test. You know very well what? In
online dating
, they are the finest boyfriends.

Today nerd guys rule. If you’re a woman internet dating a nerdy guy – congratulations. You have made the connection between a great guy and a nerdy man.

For those who haven’t recognised the entire prospective associated with geek, I’m here to enlighten you. Today, you could think that you understand everything about nerdy males. You could think that there can be a nerd label hence internet dating a nerd suggests playing games and viewing celebrity Wars.

You would certainly be wrong.

There are various main reasons why you need to date a nerd guy.

Are 15 Reasons Why You Ought To Be Dating A Nerdy Guy

1. They’re not attempting to impress anybody

At school, women you should not go out nerds. Much more likely these are typically


or omitted from the cool crowds of people. In the matchmaking world, really a unique story.

The nerdy guy provides discovered that really ok to have various passions and quirks.

They beat their own drum, and they’re satisfied with that. Thus, they know they don’t really need to wow any individual.

If they need head to comic con or binge-watch reruns of celebrity Trek or celebrity Wars they’ll. So there’s an authenticity about living everything in this way.

2. Nerdy men are content to remain in

Ever wished for connections where the man wanted to remain in a
on the couch along with you? So now you get one. No longer do you have to stand in a cold basketball arena acting to love seeing the fella run around the pitch.

No longer you will be compelled to bring your own gymnasium bag and work out together with your fitness-mad boyfriend. You should not fancy clubbing this evening? Offer the man a phone call, he will simply be also pleased to relax to you and binge-snack your path through pint-sized popcorn along with your favourite romcoms.

3. they do not have huge egos.

Some men obtain
through themselves. You understand the nature; maybe they aren’t that tall, so they really go wide and muscly instead. Others obtain it through content situations, like expensive vehicles or man toys.

Nerds obtain self-confidence from inside. Nerds and geeks have no need for recognition off their individuals. Their intelligence provides them with self-confidence. This means that, they don’t feel the need showing off or make up various other methods.

4. Nerds never mind studying

Because a nerd doesn’t always have a big
, you are able to tell them and teach them stuff. By material, i am talking about gender. Everyone knows it may take sometime for men to access understand our anatomical bodies and just what transforms you in. Some dudes are content to get shown.

On the other hand, some guys believe they understand it all acquire disappointed, also crazy if we try and inform them that which works for people.

Maybe not the nerd. He will tune in patiently, exercise until the guy gets it correct. He is very happy to simply take instruction. The guy understands that it doesn’t reflect on his power as one. It reflects better on him becoming observant and ready to learn.

5. Nerds are enthusiastic

Ab muscles definition of a nerd is actually love, along with enthusiasm will come a whole lot of different attributes. I’ll offer you a few examples; love causes interest, which then results in a desire to master.

Mastering could be the core of intelligence. Once we tend to be


about a subject, very often this overlaps into the areas of your everyday lives. Therefore a geek definitely excited about computer systems can be good at taking circumstances apart and repairing all of them.

Or a man that’s a math technical may love dealing with your income tax is the reason you. The thing is that, there are several advantageous assets to matchmaking a geek!

6. They’ve got a great sense of humour

The school had been hard for nerds. Most of them honed their own sense of humour to cope with negative statements or bullying. Along with their particular mental power, this option are super-fast when it comes to cracking the funnies.

Their Particular

observational humour

is actually first rate. The fantastic thing about nerds would be that they usually takes a joke and merely run with it. Puns, inside laughs, jokes that just you two are in on will need a life of one’s own.

7. They importance personality over appearance

If you find yourself internet dating a nerdy man, you don’t need to be concerned with perhaps not putting on beauty products or slopping around in trackie soles. Your boyfriend don’t imagine any less of you because he didn’t start a relationship to you because of your appearance.

He took the time to get at know you as individuals. The guy appreciates your


and fictional character. Besides, the guy are unable to really evaluate you when their reward possession is actually a Pokémon link. So the guy will not care in the event that you placed on a few pounds or get rid of a few.

8. Nerdy men dont judge

Nerds are many non-judgmental folks in a relationship. Possibly this is due to they suffered in school. Or possibly for the reason that of the strange passions.

a geek understands that whatever allows you to pleased is fine. Nerds think it is cool having an accumulation 400 porcelain frogs in your bedroom. Or even to merely wear the color purple. A geek will stay and permit stay.

9. they don’t play head games

If it came to dishing out of the manipulative bone nerds got omitted. Nerds reside their genuine existence, so just why would they begin to perform
head games
with the lady they love? It is not within nature.

It is similar to flirting; nerds don’t know ideas on how to do it. Contemplate your typical nerd as if the individual ended up being a personal computer. They do not have the hardware for scheming or devious behavior.

Fortunately that they have a big commitment processor!

10. You can be yourself with a nerd

Isn’t really it exhausting dating a very good piece that works well completely daily and looks gorgeous without trying? You need to be on the A-game every 2nd. You can’t flake out and get yourself. Really, with a nerd, you’ll.

Undo a key or two if you’ve eaten excess, your own geek wont bat an eyelid. Shout and holler on TV as soon as your favorite girl gets done away with from America’s leading unit. Get that poster of Chris Pratt laminated as you want it to finally. Are going to checking out comic books in any event.

11. You happen to be usually studying once you date a nerd

Nerds do not only realize about those things they’ve been excited about, they know different fascinating material also. Nerds are normally curious, and soak up expertise like a sponge.

Their heads stop on tangents. If a geek doesn’t know some thing, the individual goes out of their approach to finding regarding it. Nerds are secret gem troves of strange facts and interests that’ll surprise and please you.

12. Nerds like correcting material

Ever had a
having said that he would correct your pc or car or TV? Subsequently months afterwards the guy still hasn’t obtained around to pressing it? You may never have that challenge with a nerd.

The chances tend to be that he or she will know tips correct your own material, in case they don’t really they’ll understand an individual who does. Plus they do not hang about both. Nerds are hands-on, they don’t procrastinate.

13. Nerdy men are painful and sensitive

It’s really no shock that geeks are far more sensitive and painful than your Average Joe. Capable detect a person’s mood immediately. Nerds tend to be emphatic and thoughtful folks. Keep in mind, they have probably undergone a down economy by themselves.

As a result, they could acknowledge the signs that someone is sad or annoyed. In addition they won’t would like you to
hide your feelings
from their website both.

14. They do not like activities

We dated a man as soon as that liked this type of basketball team. Every weekend we might visit away games or remain and watch the house video games. It failed to make a difference what the weather ended up being or if I experienced another thing i desired to accomplish.

Not only that, but the guy watched all the other soccer games. This is to help keep score of the matches when you look at the group. As a person who detests football, it was torture at its most intense. I sleep my situation.

15. Nerds make decent money

Finally, nerds are apt to have great jobs inside or processing. Their abilities tend to be very wanted, there are many prestigious jobs prepared for all of them. Plus, if you should be online dating one you could find yourself with a
millionaire partner


Perform nerdy men make good boyfriends?

The typical
nerdy guy
is a sensitive, enthusiastic and caring sort. These men are intelligent and interesting to speak with. They may be non-judgmental, and you may be your self if you find yourself with these people. Nerds won’t perform head games or manipulate you, and they’ve got a super-dry sense of humor.

What sort of girl carry out nerdy men like?

Nerds like a non-pretentious girl which is not nervous to be herself. Geeky guys tend to be keen on compassionate women which are peaceful and sensitive. Loud
girls are a turn-off in their eyes. Intelligence, generosity and energy of fictional character are qualities they appear out for.

Exactly what ought I get my nerdy sweetheart?

Follow the nerdy date’s passions and
purchase him one thing
that compliments it. Geeks and nerds like odd t-shirts, books on their favourite topic, build-your-own products, strange lighting, brain games, anything to perform because of the elements, sci-fi, record, physics, and astronomy; everything with puns or literary works.

How can you tell if a nerdy man likes you?

A nerdy man won’t come straight out and have you for a night out together. It really is inclined that they’re going to hang inside favourite areas and hope you find them. They’re Going To
act nervous
surrounding you but will come live whenever speaking about their interests. Overall, you might be the one to inquire about them on a night out together since it is therefore apparent they want to ask you .

How can I get a nerd to like me?

Discover what that they like doing and steadily get to know them as pals. Never hop in too quickly or perhaps you’ll scare them down. Tell them about any quirks or interests you must
acquire their own depend on
. Make use of texts and social media marketing to communicate to start with while they could be bashful. Go slowly and build upwards a friendship before you question them from a night out together.


I am hoping We have shown you that online dating nerdy dudes is the best. They will have plenty to provide, so why not simply take the possibility?

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